9 Creative Gift Ideas for the First-Time Homeowner in Your Life

9 Creative Gift Ideas for the First-Time Homeowner in Your Life

So, your friends or family have finally taken the plunge and bought their first home. Congratulations! This is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated. But what do you get the first-time homeowner in your life? Something related to their new home, of course! Below are 9 creative gift ideas that any first-time homeowner would love to receive. Most of these items are practical, but there are a few fun splurges thrown in as well. And if you’re really struggling to come up with something, you can always default to a nice bottle of wine or a gift card to their favourite home furnishings store.

1. A Unique Dish Towels and Oven Mitt Set – A must-have for any kitchen, these items will come in handy time and time again—especially when your friend or family member is whipping up a big meal for guests.


2. The Complete Guide to Home Maintenance – Every new homeowner needs a go-to resource for all things home-related. This book covers everything from electrical and plumbing issues to painting and repainting walls—and everything in between.


3. A Nice Set of Tools – Even if your friend or family member isn’t particularly handy, everyone should have a basic tool kit on hand for those little repairs that always seem to pop up.


4. A Year’s Worth of Cleaning Services – For the first-time homeowner who could use a little help keeping their place spic and span, this is the perfect gift! Just make sure to check with local cleaning services in advance to see if they offer gift cards or packages like this one.


5. A Custom Deck of Playing Cards – For the person who loves hosting game nights with friends, this fun and unique deck of cards is sure to be much appreciated – and used often!


6. An Outdoor Fire Pit – This is the perfect gift for the first-time homeowner who loves spending time outdoors. Whether they use it for roasting marshmallows with friends or just relaxing after a long day, an outdoor fire pit will definitely get plenty of use throughout the year.


7. A Monogrammed Doormat – This is a way to make a new house feel like someone’s home. Plus, it’s a practical gift that they’ll get plenty of use out of.


8. A Personal Wood-Fired Pizza Oven – These are all the rage these days and make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook. Some are designed to be used outdoors, while others are meant for indoor use. You can be sure that they will enjoy cooking delicious pizzas for years to come, and hopefully they will share with you when you come over!


9. A Personalized House Portrait – A personalized house portrait is a unique way to capture the essence of the new home. Commissioned from an artist, these portraits make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift that the new homeowners can cherish for years to come.

  There are many ways to show your support and excitement for someone becoming a first time homeowner. No matter what you choose, your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated. Just remember to keep practicality and personality in mind as you shop around for the perfect present. Happy shopping!