3 Investments to make your Home more Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient home

3 Investments to make your Home more Energy Efficient

Team Angela Langtry | Real Estate Montreal by Angela Langtry

  1. If you have an older forced air furnace, replace it with a new heat pump and furnace to save on heating costs. Some systems can save you up to 27% on your heating bill!
  2. Upgrade your dated windows for newer, energy-efficient windows. This will make a massive difference in your energy bills if you have dated, drafty windows or windows that have condensation between the panes.
  3. Get a tankless hot water heater. It’s inefficient to continuously heat water even if you’re not using it. A tankless system heats the water when it passes through. These systems are relatively new in Canada but are used throughout Europe due to a lack of space.


Don’t forget to check for federal and provincial tax credits to help offset the cost of the new systems.
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