Discover Verdun – A Vibrant Montreal Neighbourhood

Verdun, Montreal

Moving to Verdun Montreal: Discover the Perfect Blend of History, Culture, and Affordability

Thinking of moving to Montreal, or to a new neighborhood? Are you looking for a historic, dynamic, safe, and affordable area? Somewhere with good schools, good restaurants, and fun activities all year round? Well, you should consider Verdun! Keep reading to learn more about this wonderful community.

Verdun is a borough of the city of Montreal. It’s located on the island of Montreal, southwest of the downtown core. Verdun is separated from the rest of the city by the St. Lawrence River, and has a population of just over 69,000. The median age in Verdun is 40 years old. 63% of residents rent their homes, while 37% own them. The average household income in Verdun is $63,216. In 2016, the population was split with 64% speaking French at home, 22% speaking English at home, and 14% speaking other languages. Verdun was originally founded as a municipality in 1872, and was annexed by the city of Montreal in 1910. The neighbourhood takes its name from the French word meaning “green”, which is fitting given its many parks and green spaces. (all stats provided are from 2021)

Today, Verdun is known for its diverse population and unique blend of old and new architecture. One of the things that makes Verdun such a great place to live is its location. The neighbourhood is situated very close to downtown Montreal, making it easy to get around without having to use a car. There are also plenty of public transit options, including bus lines and metro stations. If you do need to drive, you’ll be happy to know that Verdun is well-connected to the rest of Montreal thanks to highways 15 and 20.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a neighbourhood is the quality of the schools. Families with children will be happy to know that Verdun has several good public schools to choose from. For primary school students, there are options like the Riverview Elementary School and Verdun Elementary school teaching in English, and École Lévis-Sauvé and École Primaire des Coquelicots teaching in French (among many others). High school students can attend Beurling Academy or Verdun High School teaching in English, and École Monseigneur-Richard teaching in French. 

Verdun is also home to a thriving restaurant scene that is only growing. Many new restaurateurs are opting for Verdun as the home for their new business! Some of the best-rated restaurants, as of 2023, in Verdun are Beba (Spanish/Italian fusion), Pavillon Snack Bar (brunch and lunch), Well (brunch and lunch), Palco (cocktail bar), BOSSA (Italian sandwiches), Rita (upscale pizza), Wellington (French BYOB), Bistro Entre Ciel et Terre (classic bistro), Restaurant Pigor (French), Restaurant El Sabor de México (Mexican) and Comon (Korean).

For nature lovers, there is Île de la Commune and also Parc des Rapides, which includes a beach area and public swimming pool in the summer. Domaine Saint-Paul is a great green space to visit and is home to a huge number of bird species. Or, just take a walk or bike ride along the Lachine Canal. If you’re looking for even more greenery, Verdun is just a short drive or bike ride away from Parc Angrignon—one of Montreal’s largest parks! And for those who like to shop, there is Promenade Wellington, a pedestrian street lined with fun businesses. In fact, in 2019, part of the Montreal Jazz Fest was hosted here!

In recent years, housing prices in Montreal have been on the rise, even despite their recent slowdown. However, Verdun remains an affordable neighbourhood with plenty of housing options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a cozy condo or a spacious single-family home, you’ll be able to find it in Verdun without breaking the bank.

If you’re thinking of moving to Montreal or just looking for a new neighborhood to live in, don’t forget to add Verdun to the top of your list! This charming neighborhood has a rich history and culture and offers residents a wide variety of schools, nature, and activities to enjoy. Ready to start exploring? Our team of real estate professionals would be happy to help you find your perfect home in Verdun or elsewhere. Contact us today!

Angela Langtry Real Estate Team