Outdoor Upgrades to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As the weather gets warmer, you may be lucky enough to expand your living space at home— to the outdoors! From mood-setting lights to comfy hammocks, here are some easy ideas to turn your boring space into your dream outdoor oasis! 

Light up your Oasis

Stay out past dark and create a festive atmosphere by adding outdoor lighting to your backyard. Even if you don’t want to buy lights, you likely have a few strings of Christmas lights in holiday storage that you can repurpose. Drape string lights down from your pergola or across your outdoor space to give it a starry-night feel. Or illuminate your patio or pathways with torches, lanterns, or solar lights to add safety and beauty to your space. Get inspiration with these garden lighting ideas.

Grow your garden vertically

Whether you are wanting to expand your garden in a small area or to add a fun feature, vertical gardens are great for upgrading your backyard on a budget. Need inspiration on how to create your own vertical garden? Check out these unique vertical gardens for ideas on how to use items that may be hanging out in your garage as planters.

Build a fountain

Tune out the sounds of the busy city with the soothing sounds of a fountain. While this type of project sounds both expensive and time consuming, it can be as easy as a $20 water pump and some old planters. It’s perfect in a small garden or as a statement décor piece. Check out these DIY water fountain ideas.

Create charming lanterns

This would be a great project to do with kids. All you need is some leftover paint, wire, and to raid your recycling bin. This tutorial shows you how to turn cans into tealight lanterns.

Create a path

Guide your guests throughout your yard with a nature paved trail. Use materials like mulch, bricks or stones to create a clear path from your house to the garden, pool, playhouse or patio in your backyard. Check out these DIY garden paths for inspiration for your own backyard.

Include outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is one of the most important features in a backyard oasis. Add comfy seating, an outdoor table or a hammock to create a gathering space to entertain guests, enjoy family time or take a relaxing nap. If you are buying new, try to stick to one or two colours for a cohesive look. If you already have furniture and just want a fresh look, consider a deep clean, fresh coat of paint, or reupholstered seat pads. If even that sounds like too much work, make clever use of throw blankets or pillows and spruce up your surroundings with planters.

Set up lawn games

Make your backyard the summer hangout spot by setting up lawn games. Croquet, bocce ball, ladder golf, and corn hole are fun games that can be enjoyed outdoors all summer long. Or take the lawn games to the next level with this DIY bocce ball court. 

These budget-friendly backyard upgrades will transform your space into a beautiful oasis where you’ll be happy to spend hours this summer.