10 Tips for Showing your Home

10 Tips for Showing your Home

Team Angela Langtry | Real Estate Montreal by Angela Langtry
  1. The Golden Rule: Depersonalize and Declutter – Remove family photos. Take almost everything of countertops, remove fridge magnets etc. Remember that less is best!

  2. For showings, open the curtains, turn on all the lights and turn on soft spa or classical music.

  3. Put the toilet seats down.

  4. Make the beds and hang the towels neatly.

  5. Sweep away cobwebs, floors and wipe the counters.

  6. Don’t cook shortly before showings with odours that will linger.

  7. Do NOT smoke in the house or leave visible ashtrays outside.

  8. If you have pets, clean the kitty litter, hide the litter box and clean up dog poop in the yard.

  9. Put your belongings away. Yes, it’s ok to stuff the closets full! If you hide things in the oven, remember to remove them before you start cooking dinner!

  10. Keep in mind that painting and renovations do not necessarily add value, nor do you get every dollar back. Painting is generally needed only if the colours are extreme. Often, the buyer is going to repaint and renovate to their own tastes.

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